Do you want a personalised feedback on the level of fulfilment in your current job/career/work/business and your readiness for change? Whether you are in employment, working for yourself, or neither, this quiz can give you valuable insight into your current situation and what you need to work on.

What you give your energy and attention to – grows. Right? What you neglect, deteriorates and eventually catches up with you!

If you neglect your health and fitness, unhealthy habits eventually result in the loss of health and vitality. Equally, if you neglect your career and have no sense of purpose or direction, or perhaps you do, but you are staying in a job or career or environment that doesn’t suit you, you will eventually face negative consequences. It could be a loss of income or job, it could be burnout, it could be general feeling of unfulfillment and regret.  

So, don’t delay, take WhatWork’s Career Fitness Quiz NOW! It is free, it is easy, and it is fun. Also, it will give you a useful overview of where you are at right now with your career and what you can do to improve it. Plan for your future by planning for the career of your dreams!

So, what is Careers Fitness?

Career Fitness is your current state of fulfilment with your work/job as well as your preparedness for change, based on your knowledge of your own values, strengths and priorities. Enjoy the Quiz! See you at the other side! 

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