Before working with Jelena, I felt unclear about what it was that excited me about work and whether I was on the right path. I reached out whilst I was in a job I enjoyed because I didn't want to reach a point where I was out of work/hating a role yet once our meetings progressed, I realised that my timing was perfect as I really wasn't getting the most out of my skillset. I enjoyed having a set number of sessions from the outset, each with a pre-agreed agenda. I also liked that all sessions weren't set at regular intervals but rather arranged after the preceding session to ensure that the work that needed to be done was appropriate. As the sessions progressed, I learnt a lot about myself and uncovered patterns in the things I enjoyed and where my skills lay. I feel that the focus on what I enjoy and love about working indirectly helped my next perfect job arrive in a very unexpected way. I would recommend anyone thinking of a career coach to reach out to Jelena.

Chantal Woodun

IT Project Manager in CDC Group plc
June 10, 2021

After reading the Career fulfillment blog that Jelena wrote, I quickly realised that I needed to take control again of my career so I decided to get the video course Career Transitions Made Easy. It gave me the necessary clarity and focus with its great content and even before finishing the course, I landed two job offers! I really recommend speaking to Jelena and taking her course without hesitation!

Matt Chassagne

Strategic Partner Director in Cyber Security
May 11, 2021

I was feeling unfulfilled with my work, and felt stuck and wasn’t sure about the direction I should take to do something more meaningful. I had been thinking of my options for a while, but realised I needed some support to really understand the right path forward and take action. I had approached Jelena via a coaching site a while back and was getting her newsletters and so I had an introduction call with her - she seemed to understand me instantly and I felt a connection with her and decided to sign up for her coaching package. Jelena is so inspiring! The whole process of going through self discovery and then starting to take action was brilliant but especially having her personal support and encouragement was so valuable. I always looked forward to our calls! It has been a real journey and I feel like I have a much better self-awareness and I have grown as a person. I have started taking inspired action and I feel like I have found ‘my thing’! I have now created the foundation of my business and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead! Work is such a big part of our lives that if you are not feeling fulfilled, don’t stay stuck - Jelena really can help you!

Anna Grey

Software Consultant
March 12, 2021

Jelena is an inspiring speaker, motivating coach and a compassionate human being. Her emphatic nature combined with tons of experience in the career counselling field makes her the extraordinary companion you need to identify your strengths and truly fulfill your potential. The masterclasses Jelena offers on a regular basis provide multitude of valuable insight and give you the right base to enhance your skills or fill in gaps in knowledge that is necessary to navigate the paths of your own development. I truly recommend Jelena's holistic approach, action-provoking methods and empowering guidance! On top of that, she's just a lovely person to have by your side, cheering for you at all times.

Thank You!

Katerina Koderova

Global Operations & Delivery Director - QS Digital & Events
November 19, 2020

Having attended two masterclasses presented by Jelena, I would thoroughly recommend those wanting to get the best out of LinkedIn, book the next courses available, I had thought my profile was up to date and relevant, but having now attended Jelena's courses I have seen the light. Needless to say my profile will be receiving a thorough overhaul over the next few weeks, after attending the first masterclass. The second masterclass has actually given me confidence to start to think about publishing articles, posts and the creation of the content. Thank you Jelena!

Mark Raybould

Independent Financial Planner - Northwood Wealth Management Limited
September 01, 2020

I have come to a crossroads trying to decide how to spend the last part of my career. I wanted to start my own business and it was not an easy decision to take after being employed all your life. Jelena's offer to help was as unexpected as it was obvious. I have known Jelena all my life and I have been following her accomplishments with great pride and now I got to see for myself the secret of her success. I had done one on one coaching before and I was delighted to discover the possibility of group coaching. It became something I looked forward to every Tuesday evening but also dreaded a little because there was quite a lot of prep work to be done. Even with all the help in the world the end results are in your hands. I enjoyed the interaction with other members of the group and the help and support that we could bring to one another and I hope to see everyone in person once covid is behind us. Jelena has given me great tools to work with and helped me to develop my personal brand and my confidence. Her help on elevator pitch and Linkedin is invaluable. I have felt empowered going into this new chapter of my life and my career. Jelena's Career Transitions Made Easy program is spot on for those who need a bit of extra help to bring about the change in their professional lives.

Jelka Music

Communications Director - Jean Paul Gaultier
November 06, 2020

I decided to get career coaching as I was stuck, lost, confused. I choose Jelena as I really resonated with what she was saying in her videos on YouTube. She helped me quickly identify ways in which I was blocking myself. She is a patient, understanding and accepting listener. At the same time, it transpired to me that she is very competent, experienced and full of valuable insights. She guided me through a large set of effective exercises which brought me a lot of self-knowledge, which in turn constitutes a strong foundation to base my career on, and a great source of clarity and direction. On top of that, I restored my self-belief, confidence and enthusiasm! I am looking forward to more coaching with her when the time comes to think about career progression. Totally recommend her.


Post-Doctoral Researcher
August 01, 2020

I have been fortunate enough to have seen Jelena in action when we invited her to give a keynote in our company. We had about 250 presentations, and hers was one of the most spoken of. Her approach which includes holistic oriental and occidental principles resonates with many people and it delivers the value that people considering a career transition need. I highly recommend her if you are considering to make a change in your life, she is thorough in her approach and you will be accompanied every step of the way.

Diana Pantoya (Assoc. CIPD)

Organisational Performance Consultant, Executive Coach
July 05, 2020

To be honest, I personally think you are the best coach I met so far and I have had a chance to work with quite a few. You are open to cultural differences, objective, smart, and very patient. It would be great to have you as my coach in the future when I move on to the next stage of my career!

Bingxue Liu

Digital Marketing Executive
July 01, 2020

I have known Jelena for a while. Recently I attended her masterclasses for Personal Branding, Networking, Interview skills and LinkedIn profile building. I strongly recommend her classes for the following reasons: -Her classes were very informative and insightful. They enlighten individuals about the methods used to make oneself stand out and be noticed by the industry. -Her material is extremely valuable from a professional perspective. -The content of her presentation is to the point and very methodically crafted, so that individuals can apply them easily in real life situations. -Most importantly, she is very approachable, professional and always eager to help. Her span of attention is not restricted to the 90 min masterclass. Personally, I have approached her for assistance and queries on the related topics several times. She has been very, very prompt and helpful each and every time without fail. Absolutely recommend her Masterclasses!

Malabika Bhattacharjee

Senior Consultant Specialist - HSBC Global Technology
May 24, 2020

I reached out to Jelena following a session she ran at my organisation about different styles of coaching and what she offered at WhatWork; it was at a point I needed some guidance I support in developing my career further. Following our initial conversation, I decided to join her group workshop with 4 others, all of us from different backgrounds and industries. Over the past 3 months, she has been instrumental in my personal and career development. The weekly sessions allow for individual and group thoughts and insight where you are challenged to think about your values and career aspirations in more depth then you've probably ever done before! It's given me clarity on how to approach next steps in my career as a HR Professional. Thank you, Jelena!

Sukhi Dayal

People Lead - AND Digital
May 12, 2020

My role as a Computer Science researcher ended many years ago when I decided to have a career break to raise my two children. After being a stay-at-home mum for almost ten years, looking for a job again was a daunting prospect - lack of confidence and feeling that I’ve forgotten everything I once knew being among top reasons preventing me from springing into action. Then a friend recommended Jelena and she came as a blessing. Through various exercises, Jelena helped me understand and enhance my strengths, showed me how to work on my weaknesses and guided me to finding my old self, the self-confident me who knows what she wants. She helped me immensely with CV writing and interview preparation processes which additionally boosted my confidence. But her coaching didn’t stop there. Even though our sessions stopped a while ago, when I got through my first interview for a Data Scientist post, she followed up on it to see how it went. If I had to describe Jelena in two words that would be: professional and caring, just the right amount of both to be an amazing life coach.

Ivana Filipovic

Data Scientist - Civil Service
October 19, 2019

HUGE thank you for your time last Friday, your talk was incrediblywell received by everyone here at AND and there has been a buzzfrom it ever since. From my calculations you had an audience of 75 people - one of our biggest attended Community of Practice sessions ever!

Josie Bailey

Leadership Development Lead - AND Digital
November 27, 2019

Hunting for my first job following my PhD felt like a much more daunting and unstructured task prior to Jelena's excellent coaching. I was focused on what jobs I could fit my skills to rather than what type of role would suit me. Jelena helped me to clarify what was most important to me in a career and to explore which companies did and did not share my core values. Finding positions that matched my values was key to allowing me to apply for jobs with confidence and enthusiasm. Moreover, her interview preparation taught me how to demonstrate my competencies and passion effectively. With Jelena’s help I secured the first job I interviewed for! A big part of this success was Jelena’s support in finding a role that matched me so well.

Will Carpenter, PhD

Analyst - Frontier Economics
January 16, 2019

Jelena is an excellent career fulfilment coach. She has the right balance of calm, empathy, support and challenge to support you to be the best version of yourself. She also knows the right assessment tools to help you reflect on your leadership style and builds on the results well to help you connect the dots. Just halfway through the total number of coaching sessions I was able to secure a new role, having had specific guidance on application and interview preparation. Thank you!

Oonagh Fitzgerald

Director of Human Resources - Oxford Instruments
October 28, 2018

I sought the advice of Jelena, in May of this year. After spending several years following entrepreneurial ventures I was unsure of how to return to a more corporate career. Jelena was fantastic. She was able to help me identify the things that I enjoyed, valued and excelled at. Jelena challenged preconceptions I held and helped me work through them. The end result was a focussed, pragmatic and positive strategy for career advancement - a strategy that has already been successful. I will continue to work with Jelena on career progression and would recommend her without hesitation.

Alex Hunte

Senior Lead Digital Experience - Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
October 11, 2018

Jelena is an amazing coach! She is very professional, reliable and simply the one person who helped massively to overcome some patterns of behaviour that I couldn’t do with other personal and professional development work. Nobody coaches with such amazing variety of techniques and tools. She encouraged me to take leadership of my own talents in a very organised and objective way leading me to a new carrier path. I do appreciate the trust, clarity and confidence I’ve gained from working with Jelena and WhatWork.

Maria Luciano

Financial Controller - Retail Marketing International
May 25, 2018

My biggest issue was how to take this big step and to finally decide to work in what I am passionate and skilled about and to exit the previous employment where I gathered 20 years of expertise. I attended Jelena’s free webinars and was very impressed with her professionalism. I really enjoyed her friendly, professional and charismatic personality during the 6- month coaching period. Also, her working tools like questionnaires, tests and daily posts really impressed me. My tangible results from coaching with Jelena: Passed state exam for FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LICENSE AND Landed a job! As SELF EMPLOYED CONTRACTOR WITH 6 years in a row BEST BUILDER IN SOUTWEST FLORIDA For everyone considering a career change and coaching with Jelena - Do it right away and don’t delay!

Sabina Kirchherr

November 13, 2020

Jelena co-hosted a fantastic workshop session on "Leading with confidence" during our inaugural departmental women's away day. The content was simple but thought-provoking and the session ran very smoothly, despite being in a remote setting. Jelena's presentation was really engaging, allowing all ~60 women to actively participate, both as part of one large group as well as in smaller break-out groups. The content was relevant to women of all levels of seniority, allowing us to really bond as a group of colleagues as well as providing practical tips to overcoming our 'saboteurs'. Thanks Jelena!

Lizzy Totten

Senior Product Manager - Amazon
November 02, 2020

Jelena is an amazing coach and public speaker! I’ve been to a number of her workshops, where she imparts solid practical tips on career development. I’ve come to know her better through structured coaching over 8 months, and during this time (and beyond), she supported me through incredibly empowering and positive sessions. Her style centers on open-ended targeted questions as well as guided practical exercises. This has led to quite interesting ways of thinking, and ultimately, deeper self-awareness, alignment and synergy across all areas of life.

Delger Borjigon Enkhbayar

Data Scientist, Deep Learning - Amazon
October 28, 2020

Jelena recently hosted a Uhubs Masterclass on Personal Branding and received very good feedback from our community. Jelena's content was great and her personable approached made attendees feel comfortable - a number sticking around for additional networking immediately after the class. Jelena is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing so in the future!

Matt Milligan

Co-Founder - Uhubs
July 13, 2020

I enrolled with Jelena on the Career Transitions group programme during spring of 2020, on the cusp of the UK lockdown. I needed help to decide what to do: build out my small consulting business and to begin business development in earnest or try to land a great new permanent role. Jelena and the group provided a framework for me to clarify my intentions and crystallise the right actions for my career. She and the group provided valuable support and feedback, particularly helpful when transitioning during such an uncertain time. Jelena’s coaching philosophy is holistic – your values and purpose will be explored, and participants encouraged to feel it is possible that they can create a career which really does fit. Jelena is insistent that you can make it happen! I benefitted from Jelena's energy, positivity and intuition, gained knowledge relevant to career transitions and self-knowledge during the programme. One month out of the programme I received a fantastic job offer and am now waiting to start my new role. Thanks Jelena (and group!), your help was invaluable.

Clare Thorndyke

Global Legal Counsel - E&Y
July 03, 2020

I have been fortunate to have met Jelena over a year ago and have attended various events Jelena has hosted. Jelena is an excellent public speaker and coach. I always find great value in our interaction and Jelena is especially great at helping individuals stay in alignment with their goals for their personal brands. Jelena has a series of theoretical frameworks which all can be implemented and applied to make momentous shifts in thinking, leading to great results. I look forward to continuing my partnership with Jelena.

Javed Laher

Sales Director EMEA - Mediaocean
July 01, 2020

I attended Jelena's masterclasses in early May and found them both excellent and instructive. The content was thorough and professional. Jelena's delivery was clear and insightful. I left with a much clearer sense of both networking and personal branding - education that will help me henceforward. Thoroughly recommended.

Carne Ross

Founder - Independent Diplomat
May 19, 2020

Jelena delivered two coaching sessions as part of our International Woman's Day (IWD) series of events. Both sessions were thought through with great care- designed around specific themes agreed beforehand- and delivered meaningfully. Feedback on Jelena's sessions was very positive and we were delighted to have her be part of our IWD.

Melanie Nethercott

Program Manager - AWS Educate
April 09, 2020

Jelena is an excellent Career Coach with diverse experience in different types of career. I found that Jelena quickly realised my key needs during my early sessions and led the subsequent sessions to ensure that I get the maximum benefit. I highly recommend the 9 session programme. I benefitted greatly from self-discovery and from Jelena’s expertise. I found her calmness and coaching skills really guided and challenged me towards a positive direction. I now have far greater clarity on priorities and goals, both in my career and life in general.

Thank You!

Chung Y Tam

Senior Manager - PWC
December 02, 2019

Jelena has been a brave and inspirational coach taking on the challenge of pushing me out of my comfort zone. She has worked tirelessly with me, gave me a wealth of support and advice, relentlessly pushing my networking efforts. It has been a great journey together and now it's time to start my journey.

Antonio Prezzavento

Senior solutions architect - Airbus Defence and Space
July 21, 2019

Jelena is a fantastic coach. She is a great listener and adapts to our needs. She gave me the energy to explore new directions and she was always ready to put me in touch with her own network. She provides you all the keys to reach your goal and begin your own journey. Don't hesitate - give coaching with Jelena a go!

Virginie Menage

Creative producer
July 21, 2019

Thank you also so so much for all your guidance and support. I have very much enjoyed our coaching sessions and feel that they have been hugely beneficial in helping me find my way to a new education (and eventual career) path. I am feeling so energised by finally finding my way to studying sciences, after all these years! It just feels right. Before, although I enjoyed most of my roles in different ways, I always felt that something was missing, like I hadn’t found my ‘thing’. Although I am in the very early stages of a career transition it feels good. Hoorah!

Esther Pye

Charity marketing & comms specialist
May 07, 2019

Jelena was kind enough to offer me a chemistry session during which it quickly became apparent that the terminology she used was exactly what I needed, so I didn’t have any hesitation in signing up. Throughout our time together Jelena has been supportive, encouraging and highly focused in driving me to get the best from our sessions. She always follows up with a valuable and succinct summary of what has been discussed during the session, she has a wealth of links and recommendations at her fingertips, and she has a deep understanding of how to generate a new level of self-awareness that is critical for forward progress in determining career and professional options. I was questioning the future direction of my own 20yr career in group accounting work, and with Jelena’s help I have discovered that the best way forward for me is to pursue a part time FD role that allows me to spend time on setting up my own business in an entirely new industry. It is such a relief to know the way forward, and exciting to have the confidence to pursue a path which feels right. Jelena has been instrumental in guiding me towards this clarity, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Alexandra Harrisson, MBA, FCCA

Finance Project Manager - Bellerive Finance PLC
April 03, 2019

I did quite a bit of research on professional coaches before deciding on Jelena. I was at a career cross-road and we mapped out a programme that helped to keep me focussed and more importantly accountable during my transition period (and hopefully beyond). Jelena was creative and open-minded about possible avenues of exploration for my next opportunity; and how to manage the new start. Her questions were always well-considered and thought-provoking. Her caring and interest was always evident. Thank you, Jelena.

M.S., London Business School MBA

Healthcare &IT professional
January 13, 2019

Jelena helped me massively with various steps involved in job finding, she sharpened my focus in job research and identified my unique skill set according to my background. Her coaching sessions are tailored to personal needs, and she was able to draw upon personal experience to prepare me for the upcoming challenge. I found the mock interview and case study practice to be particularly helpful, and she always gives constructive feedback after each session. Overall, I wouldn't have been able to secure a role in consulting without her support. Thank you Jelena.

Cynthia Zhou

Senior Associate - Finance Consulting - PWC
May 28, 2018