Understanding the position of women in the workplace is in itself a daunting task, given large variation by region, country, and industry. Understanding attitudes surrounding females in the workplace is even more complex, due to changing perceptions and biases. Comparing these for Millennial and Gen Z women seems impossible, yet this article attempts that very
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What you give your energy and attention to grows. What you neglect deteriorates and eventually catches up with you. It is like that with your physical and mental health, but also with other aspects of your life. I have looked at what constitutes career fitness and how it can be improved by identifying and addressing
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Demystifying the Hidden Job Market

Sometime last year I looked at my LinkedIn profile and realised that I have only got the job once in my lifetime via an application process!  That was a revelation!  This does not mean that I am terrible at applying, it means that (without knowing it) I was tapping into the ‘hidden job market’ and

Just noticing….

Recently I’ve been more on the tube than usual, as I mostly work from home, but go to the City for meetings and some client sessions. Apart from the heat and the rumbling noise of Northern Line trains that makes us cover our ears (and disrupts my Audible stream) I also noticed some other things:

Hacked Off

As a coach, I read a lot of articles online and I’m seeing more and more ‘life hacks’ and all sorts of ‘hacks’ encouraging readers to believe they can significantly improve or change an area of their life if they adopt them. Hacks of any sort irritate me, although there may be a generational element

To Belong or Not to Belong?

‘I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not’ is what I read on a T-shirt worn by a teenage girl in Tokyo, who passed me by on a train platform. In a high-end department store I saw decorative items and posters for girls’ rooms saying ‘Space where
The more you know yourself, what you stand for, your values and skillset, and importantly how you can add value to others – the easier it will be to network! Having an Elevator pitch will definitely help, as you can effortlessly introduce yourself – practice makes perfect! The purpose of professional networking is to gain


  It is important to recognise and acknowledge fear and embrace it. Sometimes ‘negative’ emotions like fear or anger propel us into action – so they can be really good motivators, especially if you are able to leverage them to get unstuck and start moving out of a situation that is depleting you and towards


“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” ― Richard Feynman Often, I am asked by those close to me, family and friends, ‘Oh, haven’t you learned enough? Didn’t you have enough training? What do you need that course for? When are you going to stop spending time and
In today’s world we are all so focused on doing things, ticking off the boxes on our ever so long to-do-lists, but rarely do we stop to just BE. How about a ‘to be’ list? How you are and who you are is often more important than what you do or how you do it,

Career Goals and Coaching

It is about two years ago that I started working with my first paying client, offering career coaching services…And has it been a journey! I enjoyed every moment – the hard work, the realisations, the frustrations…I have since coached hundreds of clients helping them achieve career clarity, (re)gain confidence, develop their career narratives, ace interviews,
I used to love multi-tasking. Especially as a busy working mother, I would do all at once, cook, tidy up and while talking on the phone, put the laundry out to dry while my computer was updating and I was gesturing at my kids to keep their voice down while playing on PlayStation. I would


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